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Troy Conrad is a comic, writer, photographer, producer, and award-winning filmmaker. He is creator and co-producer of the improvised stand-up show, Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net, currently airing on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and ABC2 in Australia as well as a 60-episode series on The Nerdist Channel. The show also runs live in Los Angeles and festivals worldwide. He is the executive producer of The David Feldman Show on KPFK Pacifica Radio, and Director of the multiple-award winning short film, “Runyon: Just Above Sunset," starring Eddie Pepitone. His new show, Prompter, also plays at festivals worldwide.

Having completed the writing programs at Second City Los Angeles Conservatory, iO West, and UCB Theatre, Troy continues to create, write, and produce innovative new shows for stage and television. As a performer, he has performed thousands of improv shows, studied with William H. Macy, and performed with Arizona's professional Shakespeare Company, Southwest Shakespeare. As a comic, he performed at comedy clubs throughout the U.S., and festivals including Montreal, Dublin, Calgary, Vancouver, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Sydney, Austria, and London - as well as speaking at conferences around the world. Also a seasoned photographer who studied with Greg Gorman, some of his photography can be seen here.

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Troy Conrad

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4/17 Set List @ Improv - Hollywood 10pm

4/25 Set List @ NerdMelt - Hollywood 8pm

5/6 Prompter at UCB Franklin - Hollywood 8pm

No Frame
No Frame
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